Lorraine Godfrey



Pre-Puppy Consultations

Buying a puppy is a huge responsibility, but it can also be greatly rewarding for you and your family. It is therefore very important that you select a puppy that will suit your lifestyle. Both researching your chosen breed, and finding a reputable breeder are crucial – as both will have a huge impact on your puppy’s behaviour and development.

It is also worth considering visiting rescue centres, as there are many dogs and puppies across the country waiting for new homes, and homing rescue animals can be extremely gratifying.

This decision can seem overwhelming at times, and so I have chosen to offer ‘pre-puppy consultations’ as well as ‘new puppy consultations’, in order to help you choose the perfect new addition to the home, aid the settling in and adjustment process as well as understand puppy behaviour.


  • Pre-Puppy Consultations: £50/hour

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